Why Join the World’s Largest Heavy Equipment Parts Distributors Network?

Benefits – By working together as members of IDA, Independent heavy equipment dealers gain strength. What we cannot do individually, we can accomplish together. A strong Association can accomplish many things.

Networking – Members have access to the largest heavy equipments parts distributors network in existence, with membership spanning the globe. IDA serves as a vast resource of professional knowledge and expertise that contributes to the overall advancement of heavy equipment parts and service. Unlimited benefits and increased business opportunities are derived from personally knowing other industry independent manufacturers, dealers and distributors.

Annual Convention – The international IDA Parts Convention and trade show is held annually. Manufacturers, dealers and distributors from all over the world attend to take advantage of the seminars, networking, negotiation, current industry information and partnership opportunities.

Communications – The UNIVERSAL magazine is published bi-monthly with current news and information to utilize to better manage your business. Other data: Membership Directory. Online company search by location or type of business.

Legislative Monitoring – IDA is part of the only federal watchdog exclusively devoted to the heavy vehicle parts and service business. Membership in our equipment parts distributors network means there is always someone looking out for your interest, and more numbers means more power on the hill.

International Affairs – IDA is a worldwide organization with members in over 50 countries learning from each other to grow their business. It is not surprising that independent companies have similar problems and concerns whether they are doing business next door or half way around the world.

MarketingAdvertising opportunities are available in the Membership Directory, the Convention/Show Book and the Member Magazine The Universal (issued bi-monthly).


The IDA is an Association of Regular and Associate Members who provide goods and services for construction, mining, and/or agricultural equipment, mobile equipment, mining machinery, power units, engines, generators, prime movers, drivetrain, hydraulic equipment, and related and/or similar products and equipment (“Industry”).

Regular Membership

A regular member is a business that provides goods and services to owners, end-users and other commercial businesses in our Industry .

Associate Membership

An Associate Member is a business that manufactures finished goods and/or exclusively distributes manufactured goods to the wholesale and retail market in our Industry. The principal business of an Associate Members is to provide products to the Regular Members.

Honorary Membership

The Honorary Members shall be retired personnel or officers of Regular or Associate Members who may be invited to become Honorary Members with limited rights and privileges. This class of membership is not eligible for voting rights. Please contact IDA if you would like to nominate a retired member (who’s service to the industry has been exemplary) for the honorary position. This designation is voted on by the IDA Board of Directors.

Membership Qualifications

Membership in the IDA is open to qualified businesses only. Candidates for membership must be independent companies actively engaged in manufacturing, dealerships, the distribution of parts and/or providing rebuilding services for heavy construction machinery. It is non-transferable.

We invite you to consider membership in Independent Distributors Association. It is our belief that we can provide information, ideas, contacts and opportunities for expanding your services to customers. We provide benefits that will make a difference in your business.


The Members and Applicants for membership in the Association shall comply with the above requirements. Members and Applicants for membership shall follow ethical business procedures.

Billing Information. Membership is from June 1 to May 31. Partial year membership will pay for a full year and be invoiced . All transactions will be in U.S. dollars. Payment is due with receipt of your membership application. Upon receipt of your application, you will receive an invoice for appropriate membership dues and fees. All correspondence will be sent to your address, as listed.