About IDA

The Beginning

IDA, the only association for equipment parts distributors specializing in heavy equipment, has a proud history beginning in the post-war boom on the 1950’s. General expansion and rebuilding following World War II brought a tremendous influx of heavy equipment machinery to the market. Large manufacturers were so busy building new equipment they inadvertently created a new market which we called the heavy equipment replacements parts market. Heavy equipment operators asked the question: “Is there an alternative source to service my equipment, sell me parts, and take an interest in my problems?” Independents sprang up to answer that with a resounding “YES”. Shortly thereafter IDA was formed to help those “pioneers” exchange important information and tips on this exciting and profitable new market…the heavy equipment aftermarket for replacement parts and heavy equipment for sale.

This new alliance of rebuilders and parts suppliers at first called their trade association the “Associated Independent Rebuilders and Parts Suppliers”. As more and more manufacturers and importers saw the importance and growth of the aftermarket, the key words became DISTRIBUTION and INDEPENDENT. In 1963 the association incorporated those key words and became the “Associated Independent Distributors”. In 1986, to more clearly emphasize the development of the aftermarket industry, the name was changed to “INDEPENDENT DISTRIBUTORS ASSOCIATION”.


IDA has been around since 1958 with the idea of providing a voice in the heavy duty industry. A truly international association, our members are located in over 50 countries.

IDA provides the forum for independent equipment parts distributors and manufacturers to interface with the president or vice president of sales of companies to discuss the problems of distribution or product; to learn about opportunities and potential partnerships; and to tell others “their story”. We also act as a lobby and provide legislative support for the industry as a whole.